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King of the Crowd
Laughin Beef Series

Attention comics: If you've got beef, we've got the ring! Step up, face off, and let the laughter roar in the Laughing Beef series of 'King of the Crowd'! It's your chance to settle scores and bring down the house with your comedic prowess. Don't miss your shot at glory – join us in the ultimate showdown of wit and humor!

  1. Battle Format: Two comedians face off in a competitive Stand-up Showdown "King of the Crowd" battle.

  2. Laughing Beef Series: This FIRST series showcases comics with potential rivalries or perceived beef, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation.

  3. Round-Based Voting: After each round, the audience votes for their favorite comedian. There are two rounds of 10-minute sets. First round is Comic 1 vs Comics 2. Second round flips; Comic 2 vs Comic 1.

  4. Referee BigBaby: The host and referee, Referee BigBaby, adds humor and commentary throughout the battle.

  5. Winner Determination: The winner is determined by combined audience votes AND referee judgement, emphasizing crowd engagement and support.

  6. Bracket Breakdown: After we get a few of these under our belts we will determine a finals scenario and let the winners duke it out for a series winner. Might be 8 match final, might be 4, who knows right now. But it will happen. Then we can start again with different Stand-up Showdown criteria.

The focus is on camaraderie: While the battle is competitive, the overall atmosphere emphasizes camaraderie, sportsmanship, and, of course, laughter.

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