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The future is extremely bright for stand-up comedy and live comic entertainment. We've all been through a lot, and all of your patrons love to see that YOU are bringing comedy shows and live entertainment to help them unwind. I can't think of a better way to help us all pull ourselves together than comedy. And, I just can't think of doing it halfway. It's got to be the best comedy, the brightest stars, and the funniest improvs. We will change your patron’s whole expectation of a comedy night. Let's give them something to laugh about!


MPHComedy is all about Making People Happy. MPHComedy is dedicated to treating everyone equally. We support LGBTQIA+ Rights. You will be loved here. We will not discriminate in our hiring or at our shows.


We can't wait to make your day and set up a comedy night for you.

DM Me on Facebook -

Text or call me at ‪(832) 429-5296‬

email me using the form on the Contacts Page.

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